Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Brooch

I have been waiting to post this until my mother opened her gift for mother's day. This was so much fun to do and easy too!

What you need:
         Felt circles (7-9)
         Fabric flowers
         Beads, jewels
         Glue gun and glue or needle and thread
         Shirt pin or really strong magnet (they are silver in color and at Hobby Lobby!)

Step 1
Separate the pedals of your felt flower from the base of your felt flower. They are all the same size.              

Step 2
Fold each pedal over once and glue or sew in place.

Step 3
Fold over again glue or sew in place. Make sure to leave the rounded part of the pedal free from glue or thread.

This is what the pedals should look like before you attach them to the flower base.

Step 4
Glue or sew to the bottom of the flower base in a circle to match the circle base.

Step 5
Once your pedals cover the base then attach the rest of the pedals on top of the base pedals.

Step 6
Attach something fun, I used a string of pearls. 
Grab your favorite kind of rolled fabric flowers and attach jewels where you would like them.
(I used ity-bity rolled flowers out of gauze fabric and a pop out flower in taffeta to add some class)

Step 7
Arrange flowers and set them on a felt circle. Attach a magnet if that is what you are using and glue on the felt.

Step 8
Trim felt around the broach and attach a shirt pin or the other side to the magnet.
If you use a magnet it will not snag your clothes and you can put it on your purse or wear it as a broach!

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