Friday, May 13, 2011


I have been so excited about a surprise baby shower I put together for my sister in law. But I couldn't say anything in case she saw what I posted. So now here is the big reveal on my party printables (coming soon to my etsy shop). I wanted to snap pictures at the shower but when I was charging my camera batteries this morning a battery exploded! Crazy.

This is the email or printable invite. Everything matches!

For the dessert toppers you print them out in squares and then use a 2 inch paper punch to scallop the edges.

Get a bag of lollipop sticks. I used the 4" size. You can buy them at your local craft store.

Viola! Perfect for dessert cups or cupcakes.

I also made some tissue paper flowers. This is simple and you don't have to be perfect! Here's how:

tissue paper (1 bag per flower or 2 smaller flowers)

Fold tissue paper accordion style 1-1.5 inches

Staple in center one on each side

Cut excess tissue paper and fold ribbon in half and staple to center of tissue paper

Cut each end of tissue paper either with a rounded corner or pointed

Then very carefully pull each section of tissue paper out of the accordion do one fill side and then flip over and do the other side

Fluff to desired fullness and hang to enjoy!

Now what to do with all the scraps? Any ideas?

I don't know if this works but my interior designer mother-in-law didn't say anything. Is that a good or bad sign?


  1. Jenny, this is so fun! I will definitely be a frequent visitor of your new blog. And that's awesome that you're designing fabric! I wish you all the luck in the world!

  2. Great idea about what to do with the scraps. I made those pompom things for Nevaeh's birthday and didn't know what to do with all the leftover tissue paper. Next time I will know what to do. Oh, you need to invite me to your family blog.

  3. Those are awesome!! Way classier than balloons!

    Hm, with the scraps... papier mache? If you get them wet or glue-ey the color will brighten and look pretty cool.

  4. when i did my friends shower i did the crepe paper puffs! i love them! I have a few in emma's room!


  5. this is so cute! haha i'm totally going to do these for my room! (if i ever get time)