Monday, August 15, 2011

Wreath Week {number one} Coffee Filter Wreath

I have made a few of these wreaths and they are quite fun...and time consuming. Needless to say cuddle up to your hot glue gun and a good movie (or 2!). Here are a few sites that explain it better than I ever could.
House of Hepworths
A Cultivated Nest has such a great idea I wish I'd thought of it! Use cardboard instead of a wreath!

A few tips from me:
1. I bought the twig wreath covered in plastic because well, it's cheap. Please don't remover the plastic! Some people do and that is bad. It gets everywhere.
2. The closer together you glue the coffee filters the puffier it is, and the longer it takes. :)
3. Yes you can dye the filters, more on that tomorrow!

This is a small version that I cut to look uniform.

Here is a large one that I haven't cut yet but I think I will. I am not sure I like the unevenness.

Now go and make one! It will be fun. 

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