Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wreath Week {number two} Dying Coffee Filters

Dying coffee filters is very easy and worth it. Here's how.

Buy a 250 pack of coffee filters from Walmart.
Fill your sink 1/2 full of water.
Add food coloring to the water.
Take a coffee filter and put it in the water to test the color.
{Tip: you only need a few drops of food coloring. Even though the color doesn't show up well on one filter, once it is crumbled and added to the other 249 it will trust me!}
Once you have the desired color immerse the rest of coffee filters in the water.
Take out and blot with paper towels.
Next you can dry by laying them out but it may take a few days.
So toss them in the dryer checking every 5 min to make sure they don't clog the vent.
{Tip: you will find that coffee filters are nearly indestructible.}
It only takes 5-10 min to dry. And it's fun to see the transformation.
When you start to put these together you will find they have lost their shape. So make your own shape. It looks great any way you crinkle it.

Here is a yellow and a pink. More spring-y than fall-ish. This shows that I added too much food coloring. Even though it looked like there was no color on them.

For a more Anthro-inspired look you can dye them by diluting tea bags in water and blot and dry the same way. 

I really should do a whole week on coffee filters. They are fun stuff!
How did your dying process go?


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