Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wreath Week {number five}

Finally the second to last wreath tutorial!
This is a burlap wreath that I probably won't try again. I think I'm allergic to burlap! Who would've thought?

To get started you need 1/2-1 yard burlap
Wreath (I like the twig kind)
Glue gun
Ribbon to hang wreath
Vacuum (for clean-up!)

Start out by cutting a 2-3 inch strip of burlap the longest length of the fabric. Wrap around wreath using glue to secure when you start and finish. You may need a few strips to cover the wreath. Pull tight as you wrap.

Cut strips anywhere from 1-4 inches. For small ruffles do 1-2 inches. Large ruffles like mine were 3-4 inches wide.

Pull one of the strands of burlap in the center and it will ruffle. Don't pull it all the way through or you will loose your ruffle.

Wrap around the wreath securing with glue.

This is the mess that burlap can create. It will fray and depending on the look you want you can fray it more or less. 

Continue wrapping the ruffles until close to the end and add your ribbon.

Finish wrapping all the way around and you are done!

Hang and enjoy.

Tip: If you choose to use smaller ruffles, don't wrap all the way around the wreath. Just pile up the ruffles on the front of the wreath. It will look more whimsical and you won't have the bulk in the back.

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