Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jenny Made {Giveaway}

I know what you're thinking, It's about time right?

I have been working hard on my Christmas projects and I hope you have been too. I really enjoy thinking about my kids while I make them silly things. I will have a post in a few days on my progress.
I really times 100 love to sew and I would all the time if I could but there are a few things that I absolutely hate doing. Which brings me to my giveaway challenge! I love a good challenge.
The giveaway is for any fabric cuff or headband in my shop. Or give me colors and see what I whip up for you. What a great gift for a mom, sister, daughter, girlfriend, wife, or for yourself.

Here is the question...

What is the sewing technique I absolutely dread the most?

  •  Leave a comment answering my question plus follow my blog and Jenny Made on facebook. Only one comment with the answer is needed.
  • The first three people with the right answer win. That's right, 3 winners.

HINT: I had to do this as a finishing in one of my projects shown in my Jenny Made Christmas post. Wow, that was a REALLY big hint. Now get winning!

This giveaway will close December 4th at midnight. Winners announced Monday.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas Here I Come {with help from Pinterest}

It is time to start making my Christmas gifts! You can make these gifts with me. Here's the ideas I am starting with from my new favorite friend, Pinterest.

Now let's get sewing! I am going to change things up a little bit since I hate following instructions so it will be fun. Go do your own thing. And for those of you fighting the crowds Friday, I'll be praying for your safety. Good Luck!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mindy Gledhill Winter Moon Giveaway!

This is such a great giveaway and not that many people have entered yet! Head on over to Welcome to the Good Life to enter!

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

I gave a talk in church today...

...On Charity. What a glorious learning experience for me. I thought I'd share some thoughts I have had for a while about charity and womanhood. We have such a responsibility as women to be charitable.
Charity is the pure love of Christ. So why is it so hard to have charity as a woman? I have no idea. I struggle with it every day. Sometimes I want to think about me. Me me me. There are times when I think about others, when I want to help others and I do. I am a much better person when I am helping people.

While for some women, charity comes naturally, why is it that women can be so vicious?
Women can be vicious.  Women can show a exquisite side and turn around to show a horrible creature with gnashing teeth (a bit dramatic?).
I hope I am never one of those women.
I have been the subject of great gossip, more than once. For whatever reason, I have been someone to talk about.

There was gossip when I moved to a small town when I was 15.
I was lost, didn’t want to move, and deeply depressed.
The people who accepted me were nice.
They weren’t people who you would want as friends, but they accepted me.
I was different. I had morals. I had never kissed a boy until the week before I moved, and I cried because I wasn’t 16 yet (I know traumatic!).
What these new friends did, I didn’t do. I left when they would do those things.
I went home, still depressed.
I had to make a decision. 
I decided that I would make people like me. The real me. 
Not what they had heard about me, maybe that's what the first friends thought I was like.
It was hard work. Even then, some people still didn’t like me.
I remained virtuous and moral.
I had an easy opportunity to not do so.
With those first friends, who graduated soon after I had moved.
I chose not to.
I waited for my true love, who came a swept me away.
He saved me from myself. He taught me that I am of worth.
I love

Now I am still me, with my family. I am a mother who sometimes doesn’t shower. Sometimes I let my kids watch TV all day. Sometimes I feel depressed and overwhelmed with the responsibilities of motherhood and being a wife.
We have so much expected of us.
Sometimes I clean my house from top to bottom.
Other times it’s a mess top to bottom.
Some days I can complete a whole list of things to do.
Other days, I can hardly complete one task.
I am the first to admit my mistakes, as I make so many of them.
I am grateful to those who remind me of them.

Today I wonder, 
What if all women were friends?
What if we only spoke kind words?
What if we helped each other out more?
What if instead of saying something mean about someone, we were able to hold that in and take that same person a plate of goodies?
How our hearts would grow. I think it would be easier to love each other and ourselves.

This week, let's try really hard to become better friends with someone we usually don't talk to. Just one person. Get to know them.

Good luck, you can do it!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This Christmas

I have been trying to avoid the Christmas music in stores. I don't understand why they need to blast it so loud so soon. I already feel like there aren't that many good Christmas songs and they are so over used.
Needless to say, I love Christmas, just not before December. Holly and jolly music will not be found in this home until then.
BUT...I am thinking about Christmas. This year is different. We have been so blessed to have everything we need this year and some extra wants. We are enjoying our new house and my husbands' new job that makes it possible for him to be home every night for dinner and on weekends. Blessings in abundance to say the least. That is why we have decided that we will not be buying any Christmas gifts this year. We will be making everything that we give.
First of all, I am a shop-a-holic. I do love a good sale. That is why I am not shopping at all in the month of December. I think shopping adds stress to the wonderful Christmas season. It can be so crazy. My husband has worked in retail for the last 7 years and we know first hand how rude people can be.
Second, can you remember every gift you bought for your kids last year? If you can remember all or some, which ones do they cherish? Which ones do they still play with? I can't remember the gifts and who knows if my kids still play with them. I remember every gift my mother made me when I was a child. I loved every one. Handmade gifts create memories. They create a bond of greater love in a family.
I am excited to see how this turns out. I will be busy busy. I am surprised my husband said he would go along with this!

Can you tell I am boycotting things that look like Christmas?

You can follow me on Pinterest to see what I will be making and of course I will be posting everything here for you to see.

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