Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jenny Made {Giveaway}

I know what you're thinking, It's about time right?

I have been working hard on my Christmas projects and I hope you have been too. I really enjoy thinking about my kids while I make them silly things. I will have a post in a few days on my progress.
I really times 100 love to sew and I would all the time if I could but there are a few things that I absolutely hate doing. Which brings me to my giveaway challenge! I love a good challenge.
The giveaway is for any fabric cuff or headband in my shop. Or give me colors and see what I whip up for you. What a great gift for a mom, sister, daughter, girlfriend, wife, or for yourself.

Here is the question...

What is the sewing technique I absolutely dread the most?

  •  Leave a comment answering my question plus follow my blog and Jenny Made on facebook. Only one comment with the answer is needed.
  • The first three people with the right answer win. That's right, 3 winners.

HINT: I had to do this as a finishing in one of my projects shown in my Jenny Made Christmas post. Wow, that was a REALLY big hint. Now get winning!

This giveaway will close December 4th at midnight. Winners announced Monday.

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  1. I'm guessing invisible seams, only because it's what I hate the most ;) I'm making most of my gifts too!! Can't wait to see what you've come up with!!

  2. I am making most of MY gifts too! It must be a trend. I've been doing it for the past 2 years, and plan on sticking with it. It gives me much more satisfaction. And I have NO idea... but my guess is hand sewing in order to finish all the things you get to stuff this year. I hated hand-sewing until last year. And then something clicked and now I love it. Anyway, best of luck!

  3. I think you hate most INSTRUCTIONS! Ha ha! Love the pictures of everything you are making!

  4. I am going to say following the instructions. You will do your own thing and make everything amazing! :)