Monday, May 14, 2012

4th of July Decor

If you have followed me on pinterest lately, you may have been annoyed by my recent pinning of 4th of July things. Truth is, the 4th of July is our family's favorite holiday. We never get enough of it. We love our country and we love to celebrate. With that said, every year I seem to forget something. So I thought I would start early this year. Here are some crafting, food, and clothing ideas.

1. I found this on Pinterest with no link. This may be the only thing that will keep me cool being pregnant this summer. Now to find a super cute striped shirt to add on to. 
2. has these amazing cake pops. Maybe you master desert makers can figure out how to make them. 
3. A clever way to cut out watermelon with cookie cutters. Definitely going to try this year. 
4. Star medallions from Maritha Stewart. Love the different prints. 
5. Cute layered skirt tutorial from Dana Made It. Thinking this would be great for my 4-year old with red bike shorts underneath. 
6. I am in love with this simple design from eighteen 25
7. So simple and cute, these tanks. Just cut off a flag and add a ruffle. From Creative Urges
8. Red white and blue pillow. I hope make my own and put it on my porch. You can buy this on etsy from Joshua by Oak
9. Any berry wreath makes me smile. I like how they added the Declaration of Independence in the middle. DIY at Lil' Luna
10. BHG always has great planting ideas. I want to try this and put it on my porch as well. 
11. The Beauty Department has great ideas and tutorials and I love the stripes. 
12. These buntings are so fun. Sugar Tot Designs does a great job with the tutorial. 
13. I enjoy a good scarf. This will be great for fireworks when it's a tad chilly but not enough for a sweater. I can't wait to attempt to make this. 
14. What are you getting ready to make?

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