Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Cleaning

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the changing colors and the cooler temperatures. One thing I don't love is how fast this time of year goes. It seems that as soon as Halloween hits, we rush through the holidays and into the less exciting winter months. 

This year I am doing things different than in years past.

I finished my children's costumes early so I am not rushing on Halloween morning to figure out what they will wear. I feel ready and prepared with my bowl of candy and decorated porch. 

I have started doing a thorough cleaning of my house so I can be ready for any holiday craziness coming our way. 

I need to have everything organized so I am not losing my mind with new toys that have no place to go and Christmas decorations that take over every surface available. 

I have written a list of Fall Cleaning to complete 3 weeks before the holidays really take off. I know this is doable for a busy mom of 3 like me. (I got this idea from my mother-in-law, who is doing the same thing. She has kids coming home for the holidays so it works great for any situation.)

Here are my lists of cleaning. I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when crossing something off. Feel free to use my list and add to it. Some things may not apply to you. I will report after each week of cleaning. I am so ready for this! 

Week 1
-clean and organize cabinets and drawers
-wipe down shower rods
-clean shower curtains
-wipe down light fixtures
-clean out fans
-clean blinds and windows
-walls and baseboards
-sweep and mop

Living room
-dust picture frames, surfaces, lamps
-wipe down piano
-organize media drawers
-wax coffee table
-vacuum out couches
-rearrange living room (to freshen up the space or to add room for a future Christmas tree)
-walls and baseboards

Clean air returns and replace air filters
Get a furnace tune up

Week 2
-organize pantry
-wipe out pantry shelves
-organize and wipe out cabinets
-clean light fixtures (this is a great time change bulbs that have gone out)
-clean blinds and windows
-walls and baseboards
-re-seal kitchen table
Laundry room
-wipe down washer and drier
-run a cleaning cycle with washer cleaner (this is what I use)
-organize shelves
-walls and baseboards
-sweep and mop

File loose papers! 
Hall walls and baseboards cleaned
Stair baseboards and walls cleaned
Vacuum stairs

Week 3
Kids Rooms
-organize toys
-donate any unwanted or unused toys
-organize closet
-wipe down beds and furniture
Linen closet organized
Coat closet cleaned out and organized

-organize and sweep out
-sewing and craft storage

Hang family pictures
Organize dressers and clothing
Organize Master Bedroom closet
Donate unwanted items

Paint baseboards and doors
Paint kitchen

Happy Cleaning!

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