Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Years

First of all, I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas! We enjoyed our three wild kids at our house. Then we took them to grandma and grandpa's house to share the craziness. We love being together.

I need to make a confession about my last post, Fall Cleaning. I really love to clean, but I can’t do it very often. I failed at my attempt to deep clean before the Holidays and that’s OK.

I had Christmas decoration boxes in the hall and clutter on my media-chest "catch all" space right up until Christmas Eve. But I didn’t let it bother me.

Sometimes I try to be perfect in my home and that's when I turn into angry mom. We know how much everyone loves her.

The morning after Christmas I sat enjoying the half-cleaned-up new- toy-clutter and the unlit Christmas tree. There were dishes in the sink that didn’t get cleaned that day and the dishwasher was full, ready to be started.

Yet we sat in our P.J.'s at 11 a.m. cuddled together on the couch watching new movies. Although some of these things bothered me, I didn’t have enough energy to be truly bothered. Christmas is tiring.

But sitting in my living room enjoying time with my family was really fun.

I’ve decided I want to do more of that and less “angry momming.”

I have some resolutions for the next year.

First, I want to be less demanding of my kids when it comes to cleaning up. That may mean that I help them more or that I actually help them less.

I might start by showing my 3-year-old that I don't have to help him all the time. He really can do it on his own. Let's face it, my little 15-month-old is a better cleaner than his older brother.

My oldest will clean when I call it "organizing." She is going to do a lot more “organizing” this year and less “cleaning.”

Each child is unique and I feel that I need to teach them individually and love them the way they need to be loved. I am going to work on that.

My next resolution is to gain control of my craft and sewing projects downstairs. I have totes bulging with unused fabric pieces and strings clinging to the cement floor that follow me as I walk up the stairs. I have to mention the buttons and thread I emptied on the floor so I could find the perfect colors to match my never-ending projects.

Isn't this a dream from The Container Store?


I have been working on getting a handle on my creativity clutter since we moved in 2 1/2 years ago. It is so cold down in our basement because it is unfinished, but we can't finish it until I get things organized.

I guess I better bundle up.

Also, I need to clean my walls and baseboards.

This is a hard one for me. When I was growing up it was my job to clean all the baseboards in the house. I have this job perfected and yet in my own house it gets neglected.

Less Facebook, TV, and Internet time are also on my list. These are things I like to do when the kids are in bed. I would like to read more and spend more time with my hard-working husband. He loves to write songs with me or just jam on the guitars. We used to do that a lot when we were dating.

Hopefully 2014 will be filled with more jamming.

I feel overwhelmed when I make a list of these things, but I have a whole year to gain control and become better. Little steps.

I am not trying to be "Super Mom." I am trying to be a better mom for my children and to keep the house in order for my husband. He is patient with me in all my crafting goodness and doesn't say a word when the living room and kitchen are overrun with the joys of projects.

I want to be more organized so I can craft at normal hours of the day and not be afraid that it will throw everyone off balance. I want to eat dinner at the kitchen table on days that I craft and stop sewing for 10 minutes to help my children. Organization equals one happy momma. I am ready to do this.

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